Consulting Serious Athletes Since 1993

EPERFORMANCE global consultants drive results through high-performance coaching for athletes, teams, coaches and federations. Our rigorous approach to quality distinguishes EPERFORMANCE from other consulting services.

We’re committed to fostering long-term relationships. We understand individual needs and goals, adapt to changes and maintain constant communication. Our mission is your peak achievement. 

Our scientific solutions propel athletes to new heights of success. Invest in your performance today.


ELITE – Founded by professional triathlete Luc Morin (CAN), EPERFORMANCE has consulted with teams and individual athletes since 1993. We believe in a personal approach to training.

EXCEPTIONAL –  EPERFORMANCE consultants deliver a wealth of knowledge, an ardent passion, integrity, creativity, commitment and perseverance.

EFFECTIVE –  EPERFORMANCE uses a scientific approach to increase results while building on the athlete’s existing foundation. Athletes are analyzed to uncover gaps in their regimens, focusing training time on the athlete’s specific goals.